Digital & Online Marketing Foundations Research

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Duration: 01:06:00 | Format: Audio | Chapters: 5

The course aims to teach practical ways of carrying out digital marketing research, and putting that data to good use. We consult with organizations all over the world at improving their market research practices. Here, we shares our knowledge with you. Using data from big (and free) online ecosystems such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, we show how you can measure consumer demand, trends, market competitiveness, and direct competition. We also introduce some premium toolsets used by professional marketers. By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to conduct your own independent research and investigate your customers and competitors online.


What you should know before watching this course
Conducting ethical research
Why digital research matters
Introduction to Research
Conducting a social media audit
Quantitative and qualitative research for the web
The largest ecosystems on the web
Limitations of online research
Researching Consumer Demand
Using Google AdWords to measure demand
Using Facebook to measure demand
Using Amazon to measure demand
Researching the Competition
Using LinkedIn to measure the competition
Using Google AdWords to measure the competition
Using Google Search strings to check on the competition
Research for Media Buying
Google Search
Google AdWords display
Bing Ads
Knowledge into Action
Challenge: Case study 1
Solution: Case study 1
Additional tools
Final steps

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