The importance of links for search engine optimization

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Duration: 01:07:00 | Format: Audio | Chapters: 3

Learn how to strengthen your site's position in search engine results by building strong links. In this course, we dissect the anatomy of a link as it relates to SEO (search engine optimization). Also we explain how links affect page ranking and he reveals the properties that make an excellent link so you can build strong links. This course covers how to get links from other websites to point back to your site, reciprocal linking, and link building via blogs and directories.


What you should know
Link Basics
Link Popularity
Page Rank
Pseudo Page Rank
Trust Rank
How links Help
Search-related link components
The perfect link
More ways to perfect your links
Problem links
Analyze incoming links to a website
Link analysis reports
Building Links
Two types of links
Grab the low hanging fruit
Local pages and directory links
Working with bloggers
Creating linkbait
Social networking links
Get more links
The Link Game
Buying links
Paying for links vs buying links
Next steps

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